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Watercolor Artist Jo Beth Gilliam
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Each is an original watercolor painting.

The King

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Class Act

All frames are professional installations.
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New Mexico Fall

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Market Window(SOLD)

Market's Best


Watercolor artist Jo Beth Gilliam painted in oils from 1972-1985.
In searching for different ways to express her
original, creative ideas, she was introduced to watercolor painting.
The moment the colors mixed on the white paper,
endless original images have been released from mind to brush
in spontaneous, colorful watercolor art. What
began as a hobby has become a career. Through years of painting
original watercolors, her work has been predominantly
a loose impressionistic watercolor style, her definition of watercolor
art.  Jo Beth's style has led her to become a popular
instructor of watercolor painting, in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.
Her colorful original watercolors are available
at several galleries and are displayed in public and private collections
in the United States and Europe. This talented and
colorful watercolor artist is convinced that watercolor is the best
medium for freedom and spontaneity.

Out of Focus


Corner Market  SOLD

Hollyhock Sand Window


A Thirty Minute Wait

Burrito Special


Light Moment

Turquoise Purse


Bottles of Clay

A Done Deal


Movin' Up

Zebra Treat


Tea Cup Speciality



Secluded SOLD

People Traffic

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